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Participants in the event

  • Q.参加対象者を教えてください。


    Q.Who can participate in the event?

    A.Those who are invited by the Foundation, or self-pay participants who are recommended by the related universities and accepted as such by the Foundation (Persons under the age of 18 cannot participate). In addition to the above, you must be able to participate in the whole program for the convention.



  • Q.宿泊先はどこになりますか。コンベンション会場のホテルですか。


    Q.Where are the participants going to stay? At the venue hotel?

    A.The convention venue is not the place of participants’ accommodations. We will find a hotel within a walking distance from the venue. “Participant Handbook,” which we intend to send to the participants in July, will designate the hotel name.

  • Q.ホテルのチェックイン開始時間前に到着してしまうのですが、部屋を使用できますか。


    Q. According to my itinerary, I will arrive before the hotel’s check-in time. Can I use the room earlier than that time?

    A. It’s not possible for us to arrange for early check-in. Please directly refer to the hotel concerning a parcels room and so on.

  • Q.何泊まで宿泊が提供されますか。


    Q. How many days can a participant stay at the designated hotel?

    A. In principle, we provide accommodations during the convention program (three days and two nights). If it is not possible to arrive before the opening of the convention, we will provide maximum three nights (including the preceding night).

  • Q.延泊手配をお願いしたいのですが。


    Q.I would like to stay longer after the convention program. Will you arrange for that?

    A.If you want to come earlier, or to stay longer, you are responsible for making such reservation with the hotel at your own expense.

  • Q.財団が参加を認めた自費参加者は、宿泊の提供がありますか。


    Q.In the case of those who are recognized as self-pay participants by the Foundation, will they be offered the accommodations as well?

    A.Yes. They will be offered accommodations with the same conditions as are offered to the invited participants.

  • Q.もし、同伴者がいる場合は、宿泊先やビザの手配をお願いできますか。


    Q.When a participant wants to come with a companion, can the Foundation arrange lodging and/or a visa for him/her?

    A.In such a case, the companion’s stay and a visa must be arranged and paid by the concerned party. We kindly ask to refrain from family attending to the convention.



  • Q.滞在中の食事はどうなりますか。


    Q.What about the food during our stay?

    A.Meals will be served at the convention hall except breakfast which should be served at your hotel.

  • Q.ベジタリアンや宗教上の理由による特別食の対応はありますか。


    Q.Will some special meals be prepared for vegetarians or believers in particular religions?

    A.We are sorry that there will be no such menu.


Questions regarding traveling grant

  • Q.旅費の補助対象者は誰ですか。


    Q.Who are going to receive the traveling grant?

    A.Those who will receive an invitation letter of the Foundation on which “airfare grant will be provided” is written. Self-pay participants are required to come at his own expense.

  • Q.旅費補助の金額はいくらですか。

    A. 開催地域により毎年変わります。エコノミークラス往復分を想定した金額になりますが、具体的な金額は参加者ハンドブックに記載します。

    Q.How much is the grant?

    A.The amount varies every year according the region where the convention is held. It will be the amount corresponding to the round-trip ticket price. The specific amount will be shown in the Participant Handbook.

  • Q.旅費の精算方法を教えてください。


    Q.How to settle the traveling expense?

    A.The account settlement desk, which will be placed in a corner of the convention hall, will provide the total amount in U.S. dollars on a “once for all” basis. There will be no additional payment in case of the difference incurred thereafter.

  • Q.現地で旅費の精算をするのを忘れてしまったのですが。


    Q.What if I forget to settle the amount of travel expense at the spot?

    A.We cannot accept the settlement of the account afterward. Please visit the desk when it is open.


The convention venue

  • Q.空港から会場までの交通手段を教えてください。


    Q.I would like to know the means of transportation from the airport to the convention hall.

    A.There will be no shuttle bus dedicated for our participants. You are requested to take any possible means of transportation from the airport to the venue or to your hotel.

  • Q.コンベンション会場には自由に出入りできますか。


    Q.Can we freely enter and leave the convention hall?

    A.Every participant will be assigned his/her own bar code. You have to use your code when entering or leaving the hall.


Some other questions

  • Q.出席登録したのですが、コンベンションへ行かれなくなってしまいました。


    Q.I have registered to attend the convention, but what shall I do if some new situation would prevent me from my attending the program?

    A.In that case, will you please visit website of the convention and cancel the attendance or send out an e-mail message to the secretariat of the convention. If such a situation occurred within three days immediately before the opening day of the convention, please directly contact us.

  • Q.ハンドブック及び参加証の送付時期はいつですか。


    Q.When shall we receive the Handbook and a Participation Certificate?

    A.We are planning on sending them in July. Please remember to bring them in order that the Reception Desk of the convention may check these documents.